About Anne

Anne Boulley started out as a food writer writing about French Cuisine for a large online company called About.com. From there she wrote and developed recipes for food magazines and newspapers. One of her assignments was to cover the life of a chocolatier. She traveled to Vermont to visit Lake Champlain Chocolates and walked through the operations, sampling and participating in every aspect. Though it would be years later before she became a chocolatier herself, she always found ways to incorporate chocolate techniques into her pastries and desserts. She ventured into catering and cooking classes when she moved to the Southern Oregon coast and was soon approached to partner with a local cafe. She made all the lunches and pastries from scratch each day. From there she would also do pop up restaurants based on French Cuisine and the local fish and seafood



Anne decided to focus on chocolate once she became pregnant at age 45, deciding to scale back the hard work of catering and baking all day. Little did she know that chocolate would try to overtake her life! Her passion for it and the demand from customers was incredible. It still is to this day, but Anne’s desire to share her love of chocolate by teaching others grew stronger than the desire to produce bonbons for sale.. She still sells to the public, but only during the holidays.

Anne has always been interested in doing things the artisanal way. From foraging, farming and creating everything she can from scratch, Anne finds joy in using the best quality ingredients in her cooking. She’s made and taught how to make your own brie cheese, cultured butter, sourdough bread, fermented foods, homemade bacon, etc. She’s even harvested her own sea salt,. The love of learning was fostered by her parents who have always made many of their own foods in lieu of grocery store products. Anne’s chocolate career grew much the same way. Without a mentor nearby, Anne has been completely self taught over the last 8 years, but she rubs shoulders with master chocolatiers such as her friend Luis Amado and fine chocolate maker Jenny Samaniego. She teaches at culinary schools, high schools and holds many chocolate workshops at wineries and event spaces. She maintains an active and full Instagram account where her work can be viewed, https://instagram.com/Artisanne_Chocolatier