Portrait Chocolates: Technique, Design and Variations-Online Course

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Register now for this course which starts April 4th, 2022. It is being offered for the first time and you can become one of the few in the World to offer these incredible, magical chocolates. Chocolatier Anne Boulley "Artisanne" will teach you how she makes them from choosing the right photo, editing that photo and the settings that enable perfect results.  Based on an art form started in France in the early 1800'sThese portrait chocolates combine modern technology and the skills of a seasoned chocolatier.

You will not be graded, but Anne will oversee and give advice and help along the way. With open communication via email and an online Facebook forum, Anne will make sure you have success in creating your own beautiful portrait chocolates and also custom stamps. 

Anne will share how she discovered and developed the process she uses to create perfect portrait chocolates and many ways to create variations, how to  use them and market them. Imagine wedding couples wanting them for their guests or how about announcing a pregnancy by handing out a chocolate bar you hold to the light to see the surprise?

Anne will ship to you a course kit with tools needed to help you learn as you go through the course. You'll learn how to do this with or without a 3d printer and photo editing software.

Your kit included with the class will be mailed out within 2-3 business days of receiving your payment/registration. A shipping address is needed along with phone number to confirm you receive it. The kit plus shipping is included in the price. You will receive a tracking number once shipped. 


Class starts April 4, 2022, but will be ongoing so you can sign up anytime and start at your own convenience.  You will gain immediate access to all videos, pdf files and templates on April 4, 2022 and have access for six months. 

By signing up for this course you are given the rights to use her patent pending process in your business.  

What you will need:

Basic chocolate supplies such as white chocolate, dark or milk chocolate, cocoa butter, thermometer, small paint brushes. This class is NOT meant for beginning chocolatiers. 

Helpful, but not necessary is access to a 3d printer or operator of one. I show you how to get started without one, but if you want to have complete control on a regular basis I will show the basics of what you need to do to use one and get best results. 


In this course you will learn specific techniques and variations using white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate. You'll not just learn how to make portrait chocolates that are visible when held to the light, but also how to make the images appear as a custom dark chocolate bar as well. Using similar technique, Anne will also show you how to make quick custom logo stamps/tampers that work nicely with chocolates and on desserts. 


Perfect for weddings, photographers and special events